Daily Manna 22nd Sep 2019

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SEPTEMBER 22        

Bible in a year:    Eccl 10, 11, 12     Galatians 1

Scripture: Galatians 1: 6 : I marvel that you are turning away so soon from Him who called you in the grace of Christ , to a different gospel.

The greatest challenge facing the modern church is compromise. There was a time when it carried weight to quote scripture but these days it is just another opinion and tragically not very influential. Sadly Jesus Christ has become little more than a symbol, a brand name, a cross that has been diluted of it’s power. Christ has been compromised off His throne, sacrificed on the altar of expedience and modernism. The good old values, the biblical ones, have been replaced by an up-dated, up-market, seeker-friendly gospel that does not incorporate dying to self, commitment, discipline, obedience, a relationship or daily submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We are making the gospel more acceptable to big business, politics and sportsmen by diluting the major ingredients and we should consequently not be surprised as at the lack of faith, conviction and impact!

There is such a thing as a different gospel and we need to accept that compromise and worldly values do significantly influence those who are not constantly on guard, spiritually speaking. Paul was exceedingly concerned about what was happening to the Galatians. He was never embarrassed to testify about his past and often he did share his story and didn’t spare the details. He was totally convicted about who changed him and who had taught him and most certainly Paul did not fear man or go out of his way to curry favor with the apostles or those in high places. Paul did not receive his revelation “from man”! He was called of God and was determined to stay that way. His single-mindedness, courage and conviction were natural gifts that God had turned around to serve the gospel. Paul was not afraid of the truth, whether it was his past, or what God had revealed to him.

His source and direction remained constant. Paul’s lengthy defense of his credentials should challenge us. The same tutor, the Holy Spirit, is as much available to us as it was to Paul. Paul was not intending to establish himself as an elitist, or God’s special messenger, he was only emphasizing the real credentials for anointed service and worship. The Lord Jesus Christ was his base and his source, something that we would all do well never to forget!