Daily Manna 06th May 2021

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Here is todays daily manna from Peter Pollock:

MAY 6    

Bible in a year:  I Kings 21, 22    Luke 23: 26- 56

Scripture: Luke 23: 39:  Then one of the criminals who were hanged blasphemed Him, saying,’ If you are the Christ, save yourself and us”

A burning question, a veritable burden for me, has been: why do so many churchgoers sit week after week in respective assemblies untouched and unchanged? One morning I got an answer as I was preparing to preach at a Baptist Church. On the front wall were three crosses, the middle one much bigger than the other two. But as I looked at the trio, it was as if God said to me:“the answer to that burning question is written in those three crosses”. The explanation was quite simple!  Two criminals, sinners, flanked Jesus. We are all sinners, says the bible, so those two men represent us all. The one mocked, scorned and rejected. He categorically said “No”.  But we need to understand than indifference, apathy or passivity is in fact rejection of the Christ. If we are “lukewarm” God says he will spit us out of his mouth. Elsewhere it says that if we are not with Him, we are automatically against Him! All the above fall into the category of saying “no”! The other criminal said: Yes!  But there was a process. First of all he was quite shattered by what was coming out of the other man’s mouth. “Don’t you even fear God” he shouted.  

So he had a fear and awe of God as well as acknowledging that he was a sinner and getting his just desserts for the godless way he had lived his life! He was unworthy and he knew it. He believed and cried out to Jesus, even calling Him “Lord”.  Jesus’ response was immediate. “Today you will be with Me in Paradise” was the promise. That was 2000 years ago but nothing has changed. It is still the same process. But there has to be a decision. Here we have two sinners and two decisions. One accepted and the other rejected. Life is about the decision-making process. Education is preparation and equipping us to make the right decisions but we spend so much time on just about every decision but the most important of all – about Jesus. But more important is that it’s not just a decision of the intellect. The essence of us all is our will.  God gave us a will that can even decide about Him. So that is why it is so important that when we decide for Jesus it is not just casual intellectual assent, but a decision of the heart and will. That was the heart-rending decision that the criminal made that day at Calvary