Daily Manna 23rd Oct 2020

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Here is todays daily manna from Peter Pollock:

OCTOBER 23            

Bible in a year:  Jeremiah 1, 2  I Tim 3

Scripture:  Jeremiah 1: 5: “ Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born I sanctified you. I ordained you a prophet to the nations”

Before he was born God chose Jeremiah to be a prophet to the nations. The prophet has a very special role in God’s army and it’s an awesome task. Of course Jeremiah had his own will and could well have refused the invitation but God knew ahead of time that he wouldn’t. But he did have doubts about his young years and his ability to speak out boldly. God was not interested in his tender years or his excuses. “Just get out there and tell them what I lay on your heart” said God “and don’t be afraid of their faces!” In other words don’t worry about their body language or if they walk out of the meeting while you are speaking, just keep telling them what I command you because “ I am, with you to deliver you” says the Lord. How comforting and re-assuring. But the important part was to come. “The Lord put His hand forth and touched his mouth”. This was the moment of anointing.  There is no ministry or calling without the anointing of God. We can spend all the time in the world at seminary or at schools of the prophets, but unless God has called and done the anointing, all the waiting and all the faith is to no avail. God is sovereign and He decides who will fulfill His various tasks.

This is something we, as the church, really need to come to grips with. It would certainly relieve much agony and anxiety because we have somehow got ourselves believing that we can make God do anything as long as we have enough faith! God tells Jeremiah very clearly that his job entails “rooting out”, “pulling down”, “destroying” and “throwing down”, to build and plant! Does not sound an enviable calling!!  Jeremiah was not be dismayed as he stood before kings, princes and priests, the world’s leaders, and spoke the oracles of God. They would fight against him and oppose the sentiments he was expressing. The people had forgotten about God; they were following the idols of the world and the priests, rulers and prophets, obviously false ones, were leading the people astray. There was no fear of God and they were reaping the consequences with much backsliding and wickedness. Innocent blood was being shed and godless allies were the order of the day.  Oh, how we need Jeremiahs- true prophets- in this day and age! No doubt they are around, but for sure the god of this age will be doing his level best to suppress these prophetic voices.