Daily Manna 27th May 2020

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MAY 27                
THE REAL SHEEP            

Bible in a year: 2 Chron  1, 2, 3   John 10: 1 –23

Scripture:  John 10: 18:  No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of Myself. I have power to lay it down and I have power to take it again. This command I have received from my Father”

Jesus had many close shaves in his life. There was much opposition and those who opposed him sought from time to time to do Him grievous bodily harm. But they never laid a hand on Him! And this was not because He had some super bodyguards, like pop stars and well-known personalities employ these days! This was because He was God. Nobody could take His life except that He gave it. That was why they never laid a hand on Him until His time had arrived and He allowed himself to be taken in the Garden of Gethsemane. “I have power to lay it down” said Jesus and “I have power to take it up” because it was a command that He had received from His Father. At any stage Jesus could have wiped out His opposition, just as Jesus was able to walk through angry crowds and not be jostled and manhandled! He also could have come down from the Cross. But He had a job to do and when the right time had arrived, He submitted Himself to that end!  Jesus had likened himself to the Good Shepherd, saying that He was going to lay down His life for them, the sheep, so that He could finally take it up again. Of course they would not have understood exactly what He was saying but we have the great benefit of the Bible all laid out so neatly and chronologically for us.

There was only one way of entry to the sheepfold, said Jesus and that was through the door. There is no other way!  Anyone who says different is a liar and a robber attempting to deceive the sheep!
Jesus further illustrated that His sheep know His voice and will not follow the voice of strangers. Thieves come to steal, kill and destroy. They are hirelings, there for the money! It is a job to them, a major business enterprise, and they don’t really care for the sheep. When things go wrong they are the first to run off and show their true colors, though lots of people might get hurt in the process. This is all very interesting in the light of big plush modern churches that have been turned into multi-million dollar enterprises that “market” the gospel and make many individuals rather rich!  God’s real sheep will not fall for that glitzy, worldly, carnal stuff we are assured!