Daily Manna 21st Jan 2021

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JANUARY 21        
No short cuts!    

Bible in a year:   Exodus 1,2,3  Matt  14:1-21

Scripture:  Exodus 3:11:   But Moses said to God: “Who am I that I should go to pharaoh and that I should bring the children of Israel out of Egypt”

Who am I?  That’s the question Moses asked at the call of God. That same sort of response is recorded from others God chose to use and it does underline that we do have to reach the end of ourselves before we can serve any useful purposes for the Kingdom of God! For the first 40 years of his life Moses had lived in the grandeur of Egypt.  He had been well educated and was well connected. Then the turning point, when he killed an Egyptian!  Pharaoh found out and Moses fled to Midian where he married Zipporah and tended the flocks of her father, Jethro. For forty years he happily languished in this “wilderness” until the day he faced the burning bush. God preparations were now complete.

Those forty years of worldliness, important no doubt in terms of what Moses saw and learnt, had been well and truly balanced by the time of shepherding. While wisdom comes from God, there is no doubt that education and learning is the slow process of life. There is no short cut and even for the mighty Moses patience and experience had been the teachers. In his earlier days, Moses would have been a confident young man, as we can glean from the comment of the Hebrew who asked Moses whether he thought he was a prince and a judge, when he dared to intervene in a fight between two young Jews!! “Who do you think you are” was the essence of his challenge! Forty years later it was a different Moses who clearly saw his own unworthiness before God! Of course God’s presence would have contributed much to this self- evaluation but nevertheless it does take time and life experience for God to prepare us for His service. 

Modernly we are involved much in glib solutions and short-cuts! Quick fixes are what we want but clearly with God it just does not work that way. Moses had a mighty calling on his life. Evident from the basket in the bulrushes till his final call, was God’s hand of protection and providence, as He prepared Moses for the mammoth task.  It took a whole eighty years to get him ready!