Daily Manna 20th Jan 2020

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JANUARY 20            
Lock him up!

Bible in a year : Gen 49,50   Matt 13 : 31-58

Scripture: Matt 13: 45-46 :  Again , the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant , seeking beautiful pearls , who, when he had one pearl of great price, went and sold all he had and bought it.

Mine was a radical conversion.  Night and day! Black and white!  That’s how dramatic and radical it really was! Others, even in the church, didn’t share my excitement. In fact some thought I had gone totally overboard. Someone suggested that I should be “locked up” for six months. Others commented that I would mature some day! Others called me naïve but nothing could douse the flames of excitement in my new birth. I did an orientation course at the church. It was led by one of the elders and the general format was to arrive at 7.30pm; pray for about five minutes; then give us each a chance to share some testimony for about ten minutes before we got down to some solid teaching.

In the same class was Kevin Hauser, a young man who had also experienced a spectacular turn-around and between the two of us we created a problem because when it was time to share about God’s goodness we got carried away.  We literally “hogged it” and took up as much as half and hour leaving little time for the teaching, much to the chagrin of the elder! But worse! The one evening our elder told us that there was a “cost” in following Jesus. The two of us totally disagreed with him. The more he insisted on the issue the more we had the audacity to argue with him. The others in the group were agog as they watched in stunned silence. 

Finally we agreed that we were in fact both saying the same thing! You see Kevin and I were simply contending that once you have found Jesus- the pearl of great price - all else pales into insignificance by comparison! In other words the true revelation of the Christ places Him in a position that is incomparable with anything here on earth. Therefore no price is too high!  But, of course, in terms of the human, the material, the physical and the relational, there is a huge cost!