Daily Manna 10th Aug 2022

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Here is todays daily manna from Peter Pollock:

AUGUST 10            

Bible in a year: Psalms 79, 80   Romans 11: 1- 18

Scripture:  Romans 11:5:  Even so then, at this present time, there is a remnant according to the election of grace

There are always intriguing questions about the Jews! The on-going interest in their fate and their fortunes is something that should certainly encourage and challenge the believer. However there is not much we can do but to sit back and watch! But what is happening in the Middle East utterly convinces me that the mighty plan of God is alive and well and marching direct to Armageddon!  It fascinates me because the Jewish role, as the people God chose and used and will use, in the continuous unfolding of His plans, is as certain as it is immeasurable and even controversial. Views differ vastly on the subject of the Jew and Israel. Has God cast them away?  Certainly not says Paul, but adds that he is an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham and the tribe of Benjamin. And just how much did God use Paul to establish His kingdom, not to mention all the other Jews in the early church! Paul reminds us of Elijah when he ran away from Jezebel and mistakenly got involved in a pity party.

He thought he was the only one left, abandoned by everyone else! God assured that there was a “remnant” that remained and Paul suggests that this is how it will be at the end. But he does accept that during the time of the Gentiles, the current church age, the Jews would manifest a spirit of stupor and that their eyes would not see and their ears would not hear the truth. We do know for sure that amongst Jews these days many are coming to Christ and we hear of all sorts of fantastic things happening in Jerusalem as even rabbis await expectantly the soon return of Jesus. Many others though will tell you just how difficult it is to share the gospel with Jews.  All this confirms that there is a general deafness and blindness amongst the majority of Jews, but there is also that  “remnant” growing in the ashes of rebellion and unbelief. But Christians should remain interested but compassionate onlookers as the Jewish saga unfolds, thanking God at all times for His grace, and counting ourselves fortunate to have gained by the Jewish rebellion and rejection. We should not boast, criticize or condemn and certainly if Jesus is Lord of your life there will be no anti-Semitism in any shape or form! The Jewish connection is a mighty part of our history, tradition and salvation!