Daily Manna 21st Nov 2019

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Here is todays daily manna from Peter Pollock:

SEPTEMBER 2        

Bible in a year:  Psalm 137, 138, 139    I Cor 13

Scripture:  Psalm 139: 7: Where can I go from Your Spirit?  Or where can I flee from Your presence?

 God is omnipresent and knows us better than we know ourselves! Certainly we can run but we cannot hide from Him. God searches us and knows us! When we sit down, lie down and rise up each day, He is around. He understands our thoughts well ahead of time and He is acquainted with our characters and the way we think and operate. He knows what words we are going to utter before we even say them. This is all too mind-boggling! Certainly we do not have the capacity to understand how God can be in such a position with every single one of us, every minute of every day! Where can we flee?   If we go to heaven, He is there and even down in hell, we are aware of His awesomeness. There is no darkness that can hide us. God knew us in the womb. He formed our inward parts! We are all fearfully and wonderfully made, and God knows in advance everything that is ever going to happen to us. Even though we do have our own will, God knows ahead of time just how we are going to react in the circumstances that face us. God also speaks to us more times than we care to acknowledge. It is not a booming voice shouting above the crowd but it is there if we care to listen.

David understood what it was to know God because he had a heart after the Father. He sought Him in everything and if you do indeed seek God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, you will find Him. He is a God who likes to reveal Himself to those who love and adore Him and He understands every single thing about us. We don’t ever have to explain anything but, by the same token, when we are conversing with Him, He does excuse our humanness. It is all really a matter of faith, trust and attitude. This relationship is something that the world battles to understand because quite frankly, it is not understandable. Certainly for those who are not “switched on” it is considered foolishness bordering on pipe dreaming or insanity! But God treasures our reliance on Him and our efforts to communicate. Certainly God opens up to the man who would cry out daily in repentance and worship. Blessed is the heart in which there is no deceit! That heart is constantly seeking for God to expose wicked ways so that nothing will deter the daily progress of an eternal relationship.